Practice Areas

Class Actions

Our firm represents leading public companies and corporations in Israel in class actions. The firm’s partners and associates have accumulated knowledge and experience of decades in the field, which include significant and large-scale class action proceedings.

The firm’s staff has been involved in hundreds of class actions in a wide range of jurisdictions and areas, including consumerism, securities, environmental hazards, antitrust, banking, insurance, labor, accessibility, spam, administrative, taxation, pension funds, and more.

The firm’s staff includes some of the leading lawyers in the field, who used to work in the leading law firms in Israel and have gained extensive recognition in the field of class actions over the years.

Our firm has experience in accompanying clients, local and international, in ongoing consulting regarding the strategic conduct of events of pre-exposure to a class action. Our firm represents and advises clients in class actions, from the early stage of submitting the application for approval to making a final decision on the claim, including in appeal proceedings. In some cases, we prevented the filing of class actions.

The firm’s staff participated in complex review proceedings, conducted in accordance with the Class Actions Law, and dealt with objections filed following compromise arrangements, including on behalf of the Attorney General and regulators. The team dealt with precedent issues in class action proceedings and took part in the creation of legal rules and innovative rulings.

Our firm has been recognized by various rating guides as a leading law firm in the field of Class Actions.